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Evidence Based Homeopathy
Revised edition after 69th LMHI Congress, July2014 (Paris, France)


Il pubescens Toxicodendron ultra-diluito attenua le citochine pro-infiammatorie e il dolore neuropatico ROS-mediato nei ratti
Shital Magar ,Deepika Nayak ,Umesh B. Mahajan ,Kalpesh R. Patil ,Sachin D. Shinde ,Sameer N. Goyal ,Shivang Swaminarayan ,Chandragouda R. Patil ,Shreesh Ojha eChanakya Nath Kundu
Scientific Reports volume 8 , Articolo numero: 13562 ( 2018 )

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance characterization of traditional homeopathically-manufactured copper (Cuprum metallicum) and a plant (Gelsemium sempervirens) medicines and controls 
Michel Van Wassenhoven'Correspondence information about the author Michel Van WassenhovenEmail the author Michel Van Wassenhoven, Martine Goyens, Marc Henry, Etienne Capieaux, Philippe Devos

- Depressed patients treated by homeopaths: a randomised controlled trial using the “cohort multiple randomised controlled trial” (cmRCT) design
Petter Viksveen, Clare Relton and Jon Nicholl
Trials 2017

Predominance of Th1 response, increase of megakaryocytes and Kupffer cells are related to survival in Trypanosoma cruzi infected mice treated with Lycopodium clavatum.
Falkowski-Temporini GJ1, Lopes CR2, Massini PF3, Brustolin CF4, Sandri PF5, Ferreira ÉC6, Aleixo DL7, Pala NR8, de Araújo SM9.
Cytokine. 2016 Dec;88:57-61. doi: 10.1016/j.cyto.2016.08.015. Epub 2016 Aug 24.

Improved quality of life and reduction of conventional drugs in allergic patients treated with homeopathy
Ferreri R, Bernardini S, Pulcri R, Cracolici F, Rinaldi M, Porciani C
Centre for Integrated Medicine - Pitigliano Hospital, ASL Toscana SudEst, Grosseto, Tuscany Region.
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- Testing Homeopathy in Mouse Emotional ResponseModels: Pooled Data Analysis of Two Series of Studies
Paolo Bellavite, Anita Conforti, Marta Marzotto, Paolo Magnani, Mirko Cristofoletti, Debora Olioso, andMaria Elisabetta Zanolin
Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Volume 2012, Article ID 954374, 9 pages
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- Homeopathic remedies with antineoplastic properties have immunomodulatory effects in experimental animals.
Remya V, Kuttan Homeopathy. 2015 Jul;104(3):211-9. doi: 10.1016/j.homp.2014.11.004. Epub 2015 Mar 4.

- Statistical analysis of the effect of high dilutions of arsenic in a large data set from a wheat germination model. Br Hom J. 89: 63-67 (Brizzi M, Nani D, Peruzzi M, Betti L. 2000)

- Effects of homeopathic arsenic on tobacco plant resistance to TMV: theoretical suggestions about system variability, based on a large experimental dataset. Homeopathy 92: 195-202 (Betti L, Lazzarato L, Trebbi G, Brizzi M, Calzoni GL, Borghini F, Nani D. 2003)

- A biostatistical insight into the As2O3 high dilution effects on the rate and variability of wheat seedling growth. Forsch Komplementärmed Klass Naturheilkd; 12: 277–283 ( Brizzi M, Lazzarato L, Nani D, Borghini F, Peruzzi M, Betti L. 2005)

- The role of variability in evaluating ultra high dilutions effects: considerations based on plant model experiments. Forshende komplementarmedizin 14: 301-305 (Nani D., Brizzi M., Lazzarato L., Betti L. 2007).

- The efficacy of ultramolecular aqueous dilutions on a wheat germination model as a function of heat and ageing-time. Evid-based Compl Alt doi:10.1093/ecam/nep217 (Brizzi M, Elia V, Trebbi G, Nani D, Peruzzi M, Betti L. 2010)

- Zanasi A, Cazzato S, Mazzolini M, Ierna CM, Mastroroberto M, Nardi E, Morselli-Labate AM.(2015) Does additional antimicrobial treatment have a better effect on URTI cough resolution than homeopathic symptomatic therapy alone? A real-life preliminary observational study in a pediatric population. - Multidiscip Respir Med.
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Our data confirm that the homeopathic treatment in question has potential benefits for cough in children as well, and highlight the strong safety profile of this treatment. Additional antibiotic prescription was not associated with a greater cough reduction, and presented more adverse events than the homeopathic syrup alone.

- J. Kleijnen, P. Knipschild, G. ter Riet (1991) Clinical Trials of Homeopathy. British Medical Journal, February 9, 1991, 302:316-323.
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- K. Linde, N. Clausius, G. Ramirez, et al. (1997) Are the Clinical Effects of Homeopathy Placebo Effects? A Meta-analysis of Placebo-Controlled Trials." Lancet, September 20, 1997, 350:834-843.

- Claudia M Witt1*, Rainer Lüdtke2, Roland Baur1 and Stefan N Willich1 (2005) Homeopathic medical practice: Long-term results of a cohort study with 3981 patients, BMC Public Health 2005, 5:115  doi:10.1186/1471-2458-5-115
complete article
Disease severity and quality of life demonstrated marked and sustained improvements following homeopathic treatment period. Our findings indicate that homeopathic medical therapy may play a beneficial role in the long-term care of patients with chronic diseases.

- Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE.
Davenas E1, Beauvais F, Amara J, Oberbaum M, Robinzon B, Miadonna A, Tedeschi A, Pomeranz B, Fortner P, Belon P, et al.
When human polymorphonuclear basophils, a type of white blood cell with antibodies of the immunoglobulin E (IgE) type on its surface, are exposed to anti-IgE antibodies, they release histamine from their intracellular granules and change their staining properties. The latter can be demonstrated at dilutions of anti-IgE that range from 1 x 10(2) to 1 x 10(120); over that range, there are successive peaks of degranulation from 40 to 60% of the basophils, despite the calculated absence of any anti-IgE molecules at the highest dilutions. Since dilutions need to be accompanied by vigorous shaking for the effects to be observed, transmission of the biological information could be related to the molecular organization of water.
PMID: 2455231 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

- V. Elia, M. Niccoli  (1999) Thermodynamics of Extremely Diluted Aqueous Solutions. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, June 1999

- P. Bellavite, A. Signorini (1996) Homeopathy: A Frontier in Medical Science. CMAJ. Nov 15, 1996; 155(10): 1453–1454
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- Chirumbolo, S., Signorini, A., Bianchi, I., Lippi, G. and Bellavite, P. (1993) Effects of homeopathic preparations of organic acids and of minerals on the oxidative metabolism of human neutrophils. Brit. Hom. J. 82: 227-244.

- Chirumbolo, S., Conforti, A., Lussignoli, S., Metelmann, H. and Bellavite, P. (1997) Effects of Podophyllum peltatum compounds in various preparations and dilutions on human neutrophil functions in vitro. Brit. Hom. J. 86: 16-26.

- Conforti, S., Bertani, S., Metelmann, H., Chirumbolo, S., Lussignoli, S. and Bellavite, P. (1997) Experimental studies on the anti-inflammatory activity of a homeopathic preparation. Biomed. Ther. 15: 28-31. Pubblicato anche in spagnolo: Estudios experimentales sobre la actividad antiinflamatoria de un medicamento homeopático. Medicina Biológica 2: 36-39 (1997).

- Bertani, S., Lussignoli, S., Andrioli, G., Bellavite, P. and Conforti, A. (1999) Dual effects of a homeopathic mineral complex on carrageenan-induced oedema in rats. Br. Hom. J. 88: 101-105.

- Conforti, A., Lussignoli, S., Bertani, S., Ortolani, R., Cuzzolin, L., Benoni, G. and Bellavite, P. (2001) Cytokine and nitric oxide levels in a rat model of immunologic protection from adjuvant-induced arthritis. Int. J. Immunopathol. Pharmacol. 14: 153-160.

- Conforti, A., Bellavite, P., Bertani, S., Chiarotti, F., Menniti-Ippolito, F., Raschetti, R. (2007) Rat models of acute inflammation: a randomized controlled study on the effects of homeopathic remedies. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine 2007, 7:1

- Chirumbolo S., Brizzi M., Ortolani R., Vella A, Bellavite P. (2009) Inhibition of CD203c membrane up-regulation in human basophils by high dilutions of histamine: a controlled replication study. Inflamm. Res. 58: 755-764

- Bellavite P (2012) On the plausibility of the homeopathic "similitude". Bioethics. doi:10.1111/j.1467-8519.2012.01947.x

- Bellavite P and Betti L (2012) Editorial: Homeopathy and the science of high dilutions: when to believe the unbelievable . Int J High Dilution Res 11: 107-109, 2012.

- Bellavite P., Marzotto M., Olioso D., Cristofoletti M., Brizzi M., Tononi P., Dal Prà I.P., Armato U. (2012) Cellular and transcriptional responses of SH-SY5Y human neurocytes following in vitro exposure to Gelsemium sempervirens. Proceedings of the XXVI GIRI Symposium; 2012 Sep20-22; Florence (Italy). Int J High Dilution Res 11(40):144-146.

- Magnani P, Conforti A, Zanolin E, Marzotto M, Bellavite P (2010) Dose-effect study of Gelsemium sempervirens in high dilutions on anxiety-related responses in mice. Psychopharmacology (Berl) 210(4):533-45.

- Chirumbolo S., Ortolani R., Vella A, Brizzi M., Bellavite P. (2009) Il modello dei basofili nello studio delle alte diluizioni dinamizzate. Nuove evidenze di laboratorio. Il Medico Omeopata (Italian Journal of Classical Homeopathy). 14(41): 26-34.
- Bellavite P., Magnani P., Marzotto M., Conforti A. (2009) Assays of homeopathic remedies in rodent behavioral and psychopathological models. Homeopathy 98: 208-227.

- Magnani P, Conforti A, Marzotto M, Zanolin ME, Bellavite P (2010) Effetti di medicinali omeopatici in modelli murini di comportamento e ansietà. Il Medico Omeopata 15 (44), 16-27.

- Bellavite P, Magnani P, Zanolin ME, Conforti A. (2011) Homeopathic doses of Gelsemium sempervirens improve the behavior of mice in response to novel environments. Evid.Based.Complement Alternat.Med 2011; doi:10.1093/ecam/nep139.

- Bellavite P, Conforti A, Marzotto M, Magnani P, Cristofoletti M, Olioso D, Zanolin ME (2012) Testing homeopathy in mouse emotional response models: pooled data analysis of two series of studies. Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine Volume 2012, Article ID 954374, 9 pages

- Muscari Tomaioli G., Allegri F., Miali E., Pomposelli R., Tubia P., Targhetta A., Castellini M., Bellavite P. (2001) Observational study of quality of life in patients with headache, receiving homeopathic treatment. Br Homeopath J 90(4):189-197.
- Pomposelli, R., Codecà, G., Bergonzi, R., Andreoni, C., Salvi, G.P., Costini, G., Piasere, V., Bellavite, P. (2003). Terapia omeopatica in pazienti con patologia artroreumatica. Medicina Naturale (Milano) 13 (6): 44-50

- Dominici, G., Bellavite, P., di Stanislao, C., Gulia, P. and Pitari, G. (2006) Double-blind, placebo-controlled homeopathic pathogenetic trials: Symptom collection and analysis. Homeopathy 95: 123–130

- Bellavite, P., Chirumbolo, C., Magnani, P., Ortolani, R., Conforti, A. (2008) Effectiveness of homeopathy in immunology and inflammation disorders. A literature overview of clinical studies. Homeopathic Heritage International 33 (2): 35-57.

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- V. Elia, L. Elia, E. Napoli, M. Niccoli – “Conductometric and calorimetric studies of serially diluted and agitated solutions: the dependance of intensive parameters on volume” – International Journal of Ecodynamics, Vol.1 No.4 (2006) accettato per la pubblicazione

- Robert T Mathie  and J€urgen Clausen - Veterinary homeopathy: meta-analysis of randomised placebo-controlled trials - Homeopathy (2015) -, 1e6
articolo completo

- Robert T. Mathie, Jürgen Clausen - Veterinary homeopathy: systematic review of medical conditions studied by randomised placebo-controlled trials, on October 22, 2014
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- Andrea Basili, Francesco Lagona, Paolo Roberti di Sarsina, Corallina Basili and Teresa Valeria Paterna - Allopathic Versus Homeopathic Strategies and the Recurrence of
Prescriptions: Results from a Pharmacoeconomic Study in Italy - eCAM Advance Access published April 1, 2009
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- Stephane Vincent, PharmD,  Antoine Demonceaux, MD, Didier Deswarte, MD, Daniel Scimeca, MD, and Marie-France Bordet, MD - Management of Influenza-Like Illness by Homeopathic and Allopathic General Practitioners in France During the 2009–2010 Influenza Season - THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE
Volume 19, Number 2, 2013, pp. 146–152 ª Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. DOI: 10.1089/acm.2011.0706
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